"Sisters show their love of America"
 "Sisters try their hand at sports"
 "Sisters terrorize the neighborhood as Lion and Tiger"
 "Sisters play Cat and Mouse"
 "Sisters go to jazzercise"
 "Sisters play pretend as Knight and Dragon"
 "Sisters show of their sundresses"
 "Sisters feel cozy in fuzzy sweaters"
 "Sisters get down and dirty in Overalls"
 "Sisters go to work as Fireman and Policeman"
 "Sisters dress to impress on Valentine's Day"
 "Sisters stay warm in Winter Jackets"
 "Sisters strip down to their birthday suits"
 "Sisters are ready for Christmas as Santa and Rudolph"
 "Sisters dance around in Ballet class"
 "Sisters have fun in the sun in Bathing Suits"
 "Sisters get ready for Grandma"
 "Sisters run around in Underwear"
 "Sisters dress up as Princesses"
 "Sisters get ready for Bedtime"
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